is a multi-media artist, teacher, and writer that loves the grandeur of life and the perplexing human experience of who we are and where are we going. It is in his quest to communicate a thorough examination of our everyday life, and also the metaphysical underlying realities that exist in our minds and beyond our corporeal world.

Utilizing a blend of Buddhist and Islamic art ideas, surrealist automatism, and the wild cards he throws into his life decisions, his works relate to feeling rather than seeing. Through a mix of physical and digital processes, Desmond translate his visual language into works such as short films, title sequences, music videos, and various forms of graphic design.


2015 Singapore Armed Forces — Best Soldier of the Year Award
2016 Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)— Frances McCommon Larkins Scholarship
2018 SCAD Academic Resources — Best Peer Tutor of the Quarter Award
2019 SCAD Motion Media Senior Showcase — Senior Superlative: Most likely to return as a professor
2019 SCAD Motion Media Senior Showcase — Chair Award for Academic & Leadership



Desmond has compassionately led his peers and shown effective methods for further considering their concepts and for solving technical challenges.His passion for community is clear far beyond his involvement with collaborative projects. His role as peer-tutor revealed his ability to coach, instruct, and encourage students who are often at their most frustrated.He further extended that instruction into a series of workshops for the Motion Media Department that have shared an array of conceptual and technical skills across the student population in the major.
Matt Van Rys
Assoc. Department Chair of Computer Arts, SCAD Savannah
Desmond's knowledge and ability with design, skill with digital technology, and capacity for innovation has impressed me with both its depth and scope. He has also consistently worked to share this knowledge with his peers. He is a diligent and conscientious instructor and has always been willing to share his expertise with fellow students, both graduate and undergraduate, and I have seen students seek out and respond to his assistance in a positive way. His impact is evident: the students he helps are immediately able to use what he teaches them in their own work.
Michael Betancourt
Professor, Motion Media Design, SCAD Savannah
Ultimately, Desmond exceeded expectation, as he demonstrated continual dedication to his students and unmatched expertise in his field. He was a conscientious employee who submitted paperwork on time and always took his post seriously. Through routine observation, I also witnessed Desmond give thoughtful, accurate, clear, and constructive feedback to his tutees. With natural ease, Desmond guided his tutees toward self-sufficiency and independent learning.
Ben Barbour
Coordinator of tutoring, SCAD Savannah
Desmond's strong work ethic and caring charisma — in and outside of the classroom — have won over the support and respect of his peers, as well as faculty and staff.
Adam Newbold
Career Success Adviser, SCAD HK
Desmond is willing to go the extra mile whenever he was tasked, spending the extra hours in analysing many factors in details planning so to make sure that every men under his charge would never been short-changed in terms of hour sharing and other responsibilities.
Lieutenant colonel Ivan Hoe
Base Commander, Gombak Base
Desmond has been an excellent student of Singapore Polytechnic. I am certain he will be an asset to any company or institute. I strongly recommend Desmond to his endeavor in furthering his education or job pursuit.
Jennifer Ang
Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic DMIT
Desmond is an intelligent and competent young man with a creative sensibility. In his time at REMAP, he helped support a series of research and education projects, including production of multimedia documentaries. We really appreciated his excellent work in photography, videography, video-­‐editing and motion graphics. His expertise in digital media tools is outstanding, and he is a reliable and independent worker with a significant interest in improving his work (we did many iterations of video content together) and himself. He has demonstrated good interpersonal skills and communicated effectively with his colleagues to execute tasks together.
Jeff Burke
Executive Director, UCLA REMAP



  • 2019 — Motion Media Projection showcase


2017 — Adobe Illustrator Workshop
2017 — Adobe InDesign & Resume workshop
2017 — Adobe InDesign for Process Books workshop
2017 — Adobe InDesign for Process Books workshop
2017 — Adobe Illustrator Workshop
2018 — Basic compositing in After Effects Workshop
2018 — Cinema 4D Crashcourse workshop
2018 — Starting an Everyday Project with Adobe 
2018 — Illustrator workshop
2018 — Compositing with After Effects & Using Red Giant Plugins workshop
2018 — Introduction to Nuke workshop
2018 — Making a process book with Adobe InDesign
2018 — Getting started with Adobe Illustrator
2018 — Cinema 4D Crashcourse
2018 — Branding with Indesign
2018 — Illustrator for Interior Design Organization
2018 — Compositing with After Effects & Using Red Giant Plugins workshop
2019 — Compositing with Photoshop
2019 — Making a process book with Adobe InDesign
2019 — Intermediate Cinema4D
2019 — Mandelbulb software workshop

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