Design & Animation: Desmond Du
Created: 12 Jun 2018

Music: Cosmo Canyon (FINAL FANTASY VII) | Distant Worlds

CoMotion is a student sponsored and organized event that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design Students at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The event includes the Annual Student Showcase, panel discussions, lectures, and portfolio reviews. The goal of the event is to connect students with potential employers and prepare students for their career by offering diverse insight into the industry. Every Fall, the students of Motion Media department compete against each other to pitch their designs and concept for upcoming CoMotion event and title sequence. The winning design is voted by the students, and the winner will become the creative director of the branding team. This was my attempt at making a title sequence for CoMotion 2019.


With the tenth anniversary of CoMotion, we have certainly come a long way. CoMotion is a rite of passage; a ceremony where you see students of every year unite and move to different stages of their lives: The seniors and grads, polished and professional, graduate and go out into the working world. The Juniors, talented as they are, lands some internships with their skills.The Sophomore, eager to rise up, admire their upperclassmen and yearn to reach their level one day. The Freshmen, still new to tribe and potential artists, slowly learn the ropes of the community and observe everyone around them. No matter whatever levels everyone is, there is harmony within the tribe. The logo that I designed tapped into the iconography and masks from African culture to invoke a sense of mysticism and ritualistic practice.

African masks images selected from Pinterest


— Students as a tribe

The Students (Loms) gather for the ceremony of CoMotion, in which the Seniors are ushered into the new world. Following aside them are the Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. They follow a path through a forest and arrive at a circular ceremonial ground. At the center, there is a portal with a professor shamancourt standing there with robes and blue hair and a big ass staff. He signals everyone to form a circle, and he starts chanting and waving his staff to activate the portal. The freshmen and sophomore chant along. Flashes of light concentrate into the portal, activating it in a light explosion. You hear the After Effects render sound. Everyone goes “wooooooo”. Slowly, one by one, the Seniors walk into the portal as the others stared in admiration. Snap, black. CoMotion logo with the portal as “O”.

*This was the proposed story if it was done in 3D.


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Motion / Graphic Designer + Instructor

is a multi-media artist  based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in After Effects, Houdini and automation. He also enjoys teaching and runs a software tutorials YouTube channel called NoSleepCreative. He has a virtual fragment of his brain online here.

Desmond enjoys the grandeur of life and the perplexing human experience of who we are and where are we going. It is in his quest to communicate a thorough examination of our everyday life, and also the metaphysical underlying realities that exist in our minds and beyond our corporeal world.

Utilizing a blend of Buddhist and Islamic art ideas, surrealist automatism, and the wild cards he throws into his life decisions, his works relate to feeling rather than seeing. Through a mix of physical and digital processes, Desmond translates his visual language into works such as short films, title sequences, music videos, and various forms of graphic design.

Other than that, his hobbies include: playing the ukelele, boxing, an acousmatic experience while drinking coffee, and of course the occasional intoxication with good company.