Creative Direction: Desmond Du
Design & Animation: Desmond Du, Sarah Boussy, Andrew Molan, Ryan Hopkinson

Created: Oct 2019


Not long after being employed at Turner Studios, Sarah Boussy and I won our first design pitch and got our hands working on the main stylization of the documentary series for Rocket League Championship Finals. 


Fusion of game and tech

For this broadcast package, the goal was to present the players and the docuseries within the inner core of a futuristic, technology-infused space. The motifs of hexagons, glitches and data packets were used to generate an atmosphere of intensity and seriousness that the players undertook to reign supreme at the E-League Championship.


— Mad Mattes

I do not think anyone would guess it but most of the animation here is driven by alpha mattes. There are many ways to do the same thing; below are my displacement and alpha matte sketches made in various ways such Fractal Noise, Shape Layers & Expressions, Trapcode Particular, and Pixel Polly in After Effects. In the end, I decided to go with Cinema 4D to make my hexagonal reveal as there was more much control with the Fields functionality.

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Motion / Graphic Designer + Instructor

is a multi-media artist  based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in After Effects, Houdini and automation. He also enjoys teaching and runs a software tutorials YouTube channel called NoSleepCreative. He has a virtual fragment of his brain online here.

Desmond enjoys the grandeur of life and the perplexing human experience of who we are and where are we going. It is in his quest to communicate a thorough examination of our everyday life, and also the metaphysical underlying realities that exist in our minds and beyond our corporeal world.

Utilizing a blend of Buddhist and Islamic art ideas, surrealist automatism, and the wild cards he throws into his life decisions, his works relate to feeling rather than seeing. Through a mix of physical and digital processes, Desmond translates his visual language into works such as short films, title sequences, music videos, and various forms of graphic design.

Other than that, his hobbies include: playing the ukelele, boxing, an acousmatic experience while drinking coffee, and of course the occasional intoxication with good company.