Creative Direction: Desmond Du
Design & Animation: Desmond Du
Type Animation: Zach Hixon

Created: 29 May 2019


My peer Ivanna Smith approached me for an opportunity to glitch the h*ck out of her a scene in her senior thesis film about the seven deadly sins. In the scene of Sloth, I decided to make glitch as a narrative rather than an aesthetic visual by tapping into the background as a visual effects artist. 



A repertoire of glitch

Here is the protocol that I used: rotoscoped elements from different shots, corrupted its data through Avidemux and Adobe Audition, rephotographed the playback on a LED television, re-composite into the original plate. 

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Motion / Graphic Designer + Instructor

is a multi-media artist  based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in After Effects, Houdini and automation. He also enjoys teaching and runs a software tutorials YouTube channel called NoSleepCreative. He has a virtual fragment of his brain online here.

Desmond enjoys the grandeur of life and the perplexing human experience of who we are and where are we going. It is in his quest to communicate a thorough examination of our everyday life, and also the metaphysical underlying realities that exist in our minds and beyond our corporeal world.

Utilizing a blend of Buddhist and Islamic art ideas, surrealist automatism, and the wild cards he throws into his life decisions, his works relate to feeling rather than seeing. Through a mix of physical and digital processes, Desmond translates his visual language into works such as short films, title sequences, music videos, and various forms of graphic design.

Other than that, his hobbies include: playing the ukelele, boxing, an acousmatic experience while drinking coffee, and of course the occasional intoxication with good company.