Teach & Play

I love motion design, but my real passion is teaching. I feel immense joy and fulfillment from sharing knowledge with my peers and seeing them succeed and do their best work.
I have been running my After Effects tutorial YouTube channel since 2020, and below are the content that I have published.

Research & Studies

Aside from making creative works, I believe it is always necessary to keep learning, especially the things that do not seem relevant. As of 2021, I started learning and implementing Python in Autodesk Maya and Pixar Renderman. Hopefully, this knowledge will future-proofย  me in fast-growing technological age we live in.


I love to write as well! Once in awhile when I find that I have crystallized an insightful knowledge in my head, I will post them on my Medium blog to share with the world. I believe that the methodology of a creative practice is just as important to document as the ” project and creative process.”