Classic Film Festival 2020

Project Overview

Starting in 2020, I was actively working as a motion designer for Turner Classic Movies (TCM), covering all of their design needs. I had the opportunity to collaborate with TCM editors on tribute videos dedicated to influential film critic and historian Leonard Maltin and renowned animator Floyd Norman. The logo animation, title cards, and interstitials were produced by an external agency. Working with TCM has been a great experience because of the creative freedom they give me. While the editors usually provide a reference for the desired content, timing, and layout, my job is to translate their vision into aesthetically pleasing motion design pieces.

Client: Turner Classic Movies
Agency: WarnerMedia Studios
Created: March 2020

EditorsGordon Gyor, Claudia Turner, Chris Grass 
Art Director: Jin Lim
Motion Design: Desmond Du

Leonard Maltin Tribute

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For the Maltin tribute, I was working with lots of photo assets and scans, compositing and animating into animations that enhances the tribute video’s narration.

Floyd Norman

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While working on this tribute video, I had an exciting breakthrough moment when I accidentally designed a faux sketch reveal using the sin expression and the effect “Roughen edges”. Although the technique did not make it into the final video due to the duration of the shots, it was a significant experiment that pushed my boundaries. In addition to these experiments, the tribute video also features sketches from iconic Disney and Pixar movies, as well as Floyd Norman’s caricatures of his office at Disney.

Faux Sketch Reveal

Storyboard animation