CoMotion 2019

Project Overview

CoMotion is a motion graphics conference at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The event invites top companies to host portfolio reviews in which students show off their body of work and receive valuable feedback. Members of these companies provide priceless insight and knowledge to the students as they participate, engage with, and teach the attendees of CoMotion. Students are also provided invaluable opportunities for professional networking through one-on-one meetings, as well as a networking social for seniors and graduate students. Some of these invited companies include Facebook, The Mill, Buck, Psyop, and Sarofsky.

  • Producer
  • Project management
  • Render Wrangling
  • Compositing
  • Color Grading

Title Sequence

This year’s branding aims to take the audience on an inspiring journey through MOMELOVE’s past, present, and future. The title sequence plays a crucial role in driving this narrative, divided into four distinct phases: The Intro, The Past, The Present, and The Future.

The Intro depicts a barren and underdeveloped time before MOME came into existence. The Past phase pays homage to previous designs within our department, using iconic imagery from past years. In The Present phase, we showcase four popular techniques and trends that SCAD students follow, namely 3D Design, Compositing, Animation, and Stop Motion. Finally, The Future phase represents a limitless space full of opportunities for exploration, symbolizing our group of young designers’ unlimited potential.

Student showcase title cards

Graphic collaterals



Creative Director

Daniel Whitaker


Art Director

Jayson Hahn



Desmond Du

Hunter Scully


Lead 3D Designer

Marcelo Meneses

Lead 2D Designer

Sam Button

Lead Graphic Designer

Madison Kelly


Designers & Animators

Tomo Beddie

Will Burkart

Jayson Hahn

Irma Hasanic

Zach Herdman

Zach Hixon

José Manuel Peña

Marcelo Meneses

Daniel Whitaker

Riley Williamson

Xin Zhao (Kenny)

Compositing & Editing

Desmond Du

Graphic Design

Kasella Acain

Carly Johnson

Cat McCarthy

Anna Vallario


Ashton Faydenko

Chris Hopkins

Ryan “Sully” Sullivan


Madison Kelly

Hunter Scully



Anna Vallario

Carly Johnson


Sierra Long