Creative Direction: Desmond Du
Design & Animation: Desmond Du
3D Logo Render: Tanner Riddle
Sound Design: Zubin Isaac

Created: 29 May 2019


Cowboy Bebop is the futuristic misadventures and tragedies of an easygoing bounty hunter and his partners. With Netflix producing a live-action series soon, I thought to myself: “What would the logo animation look like?”. Thus, I was on the quest to realize that vision.


—  Modulation & Simulation of technical errors

As a fan of glitch aesthetic, I thought how I can use this opportunity to expand the visual language of glitching. In all, what I wanted to produce was a nostalgic modernist design that echoes the anime TV series opening sequencing with a glitchy dimension.


—  Collaborations are fun

Making animations is cool, but working with other people is even better. That is what I decided to do for this project but contracting my 3D guy Tanner Riddle to render out a sexy 3D logo for Cowboy Bebop, and have my musician friend Zubin Isaac do the sound design for this five-second piece. Check out the process video; it sums up how I do things!