Cravath Lobby Animation

Client: Cravath
Agency50,000feet Inc.
Production CompanyBIEN

Motion Designer

In yet another awesome collaboration with BIEN – the Inclusive Motion Design Studio, I designed and animated a series of bespoke typographic animations for Cravath, a prestigious 200-year-old law firm in NYC. These animations were crafted to debut in April at their new office, featuring prominently on an impressive 15.9″ x 3.4″ LED wall (6144×1296 px) in the lobby, creating a visually captivating experience for all visitors.

Design Explorations

Below are initial explorations I created in Cinema 4D, experimenting with abstract yet sophisticated type animations within a 3D space.


Creative Director

Hung Le


Alisha Kramer


Ally Schuman

Desmond Du

3D Design & Animation

Desmond Du

Zuheng Yin