Creative Direction: Desmond Du
Design & Animation: Desmond Du
Type Animation: Zach Hixon

Created: 29 May 2019


This spring, film director Natalia Marty reached out to the Desmond Du It Better with an exciting brief. She had an amazing experimental short film about a girl who is addicted to nature but is deathly allergic to it — and wanted to craft a title sequence tailored to her narrative that explored themes of nature, isolation, and liberation.


Infinitesimal beauty within

In the film Hemlock, the eponymous heroine is trapped by her father in a room filled with plastic to protect her from allergic reactions to any form of biological nature. How I diagnose this scenario are the themes of beauty of nature that corrupts the flesh; much like condition Hemlock experienced.


—  Exploring the wonderful microscopic world.

Undertaking this project requires getting out my comfort zone; that means LEARNING SOMETHING NEW!! I decided to learn Mandelbulb, a 3D fractal software, that allows me create mad-looking fractals using mathematical equations. Below are some work-in-progress renders and the Mandelbulb software in action!


—  Type is important

What good would it be to do this project, it is always to collaborate with a peer, and tap into their specialty. For this project, I enlisted my trusty type dude Zach Hixon to animate the typographic reveal that best suit the project: a burn-on effect to echo the visceral emotion of the flesh-devouring nature.


— Powering designs through Artificial Intelligence

For the title logo, I thought what if I transfused iy with artificial intelligence. Using Google’s Deepdream Generator which is capable of using its own knowledge to interpret a painting style and transfer it to the uploaded image, I transfuse, transform, and transmute my Mandelbulb renders into white type on black background. The results are stunning as you can see below. Instead of seeing AI-enabled tool as replacing the artist, we need to remember that it is a tool to help us do the most mundane and time-tedious tasks; thus allowing us artists to only create without worrying about the technical side.