Le Top 70

Leo Marthaler
Art Director

“TOP 70 – THE MOST ICONIC MOMENTS ON TV” is a French TV show that highlights some of the most iconic and memorable moments in television history. The project required creating a captivating 3D scene featuring multiple retro television sets within a studio backdrop, enhancing the show’s vintage aesthetic. The 3D assets were modeled by Stephen Mok and arranged in Unreal Engine. I oversaw the art direction, ensuring a cohesive look before delivering the project files to Leo Marthaler who completed the final rendering and visual refinement.

3D Design

Here is the initial 3D animatic before delivering the project files to the client.

Final Renders

Stylization and compositing done by Leo Marthaler


Creative Director

Leo Marthaler

Art Director

Desmond Du

3D Artist

Stephen Mok