Les Nocturnes de SCAD Lacoste

Project Overview

In celebration of SCAD Lacoste’s 20th anniversary, my team and I designed and produced a projection mapping exhibition featuring 60 minutes of original programming, mostly animation and expanded cinema, which was displayed on four iconic sites on the Lacoste campus over a period of three weeks. The exhibition was led by Professor John Colette and Professor Matt Van Rys and was displayed for visitors to view throughout the summer. This high-profile immersive exhibition took place at the La Boulangerie library, Maison Olivier Lower dorm, SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film, and the ancient city gate Portal de la Garde, all located in the historic town of Lacoste in Provence’s Luberon Valley.


My primary role was to produce animations for each site, but I also serve as a project manager, peer tutor, and editor. As a project manager, I coordinate the efforts of our team and ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule. This includes collecting animation work from team members, establishing a consistent file naming convention, and communicating delivery instructions for daily projection tests. As a peer tutor, I provide support and assistance to help team members develop their work. This includes offering technical solutions and troubleshooting when needed, discussing concepts, and teaching the use of software tools such as GarageBand and Red Giant plugins. As an editor, I was responsible for combining all of the videos produced by the team into a single video for each projection site.

  • Motion Designer
  • Video artist
  • Project manager
  • Editor
  • Adobe After Effects
  • TouchDesigner
  • GarageBand
  • Avidemux
  • Hexfiend

Video works


Maison Olivier Lower dorm

SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion + Film

Portal de la Garde



Video Artists

Aiden Domenz

Alyssa Mackersie

Belize Kosoko

Daisy Rankin

Desmond Du

Jayna Shah

John Colette

Kaleb Sweeney

Madeline Rauh

Meg Aki

Mingyo Heo

Monica Matute

Nolan Acosta

Ruyue Tian

Wanyi Ma

Zoey Tan


John Colette

Matt van Rys