MOME Grad x Senior Showcase 2023

SCAD MOME Department
Technical Artist
Motion Designer

For the SCAD Motion Media Design Senior/Graduate Showcase, I collaborated with Aanvik Singh to produce about 30 title cards of the students’ names and their the video submission titles. My primary responsibility was to animate and prepare a template for individual customization of the names and video titles.

The generation of individual title cards was then automated using custom script that duplicated compositions and updated text inputs using a CSV file. This workflow allowed us to produce a cohesive and dynamic showcase while saving time and ensuring accuracy in the title card details

Template Functionality

The template allows users to customize student name and titles separately across three lines. It also allow title scaling for longer text and offers a choice of four animated background assets for versatile visual options. 



Aanvik Singh



Aanvik Singh

Desmond Du

Technical Direction

Desmond Du