MTV VMA 2021

Executive Summary

For MTV VMA 2021, STATE Design approached me with the task of designing an easy-to-use system or setup within Adobe After Effects that allows the team at MTV to dynamically resize a 3D render of a picture frame to  accommodate versioning deliverables of various aspect ratios or dimensions.

The purpose was to remove the need of having to rely on the 3D artist to make small changes to the render and remove the back and forth approval process so MTV could focus on designing and animating.


The solution was use Javascript expressions to create the “M” shape path which I can piece the different parts of the frame around, and use the effects reptile to repeat the frame when it is resized.

Aside from the 3D render that was done in Cinema 4D by 3D Designer/Animator Lamek Felix, this procedural setup was done completely in After Effects using expressions.


Lead Animator


  • Animation toolkit
  • Demonstration
  • Documentation
  • Service support


Designed by Lamek Felix


  • Resizing of the frame with a minimum frame size: 1500 x 1500, and maximum frame size: 8000 x 8000.
  • Placement of the ‘M’ notches — allowing them to slide to other parts of the frame and retain to angles and proportions even when the frame scales/shifts.
  • Rotation of frame — The frame can be rotated with a checkbox control in case you want to have the notches on the sides.
  • Replacement of media within the frame — The content within the frame can be easily replaced by dragging an image/video/composition onto the rig’s Master Property: Media> Replace


Production Studio: STATE Design

Producers: Ricardo Arashiro, Krissy Estrada

Technical Artist: Desmond Du

3D Designer: Lamek Felix