NBA Roadshow 2019

Project Overview

As October reaches its midpoint, a new NBA season dawns upon us. My responsibility was to craft a series of stage background loopers for the AMEX Roadshow Opening night, which would showcase the event’s sponsors – AMEX, Autotrader, KIA, and the show itself, held at the XBox Plaza at L.A. Live. My task was to breathe motion into the static designs that had already been prepared.

Client: Turner Sports

Created: 22 Oct 2019

Creative Director: Jordan Shorthouse

Art Director: Charlie Owens 

Motion Designers:
Desmond Du
Sarah Boussy
Kaitlyn Kolesaire
Andrew Molan

3D Renders: Brian Kirchdoerfer


As last-minute edits and revisions were being requested, the designs and animations could not be altered too drastically. It is important to be prepared for any changes the client may request at the last minute, which is why it is good practice to create animation loopers that can be adapted to different sponsor logos of varying sizes.

Basketball seams lights breakdown


Here is quick breakdown of how I composite my logo animation scene with the basketball seams lights.

1. On each basketball seam, create a path onto a solid layer
2. Use Red Giant’s 3D Stroke as it allows for tapering of stroke
3. Render them out as luma mattes; and sequence these renders a loop animation 
4. Recomposite them with a glow and blending mode  ‘add’
5. Additionally, the luma mattes can be used to reveal the seams