Partition Memory Project


Technical Artist
Motion Designer


Background Information

When independent India awoke to its freedom at the stroke of midnight in August 1947, millions lost their homes and histories. As their final act, the British Raj split India into two nations: India and Pakistan. Dividing the world’s most heterogeneous country— spurring history’s largest mass migration and years of chaos, violence and murder.

With up to 20 million people affected and a million dead, the Partition is the most defining event in the modern history of the Subcontinent. Despite its importance, few memorials exist that document what was lost. 

Project Information

Led by Aanvik Singh, the Partition Memory Project is a multi-lingual automated video system that allowed anyone to create a video about the partition by simply filling out an online form. I was responsible for developing a data-driven solution to automate Adobe After Effects rendering workflows. The objective of the project was to enable non-designers/creatives to create videos of various formats, such as 16:9, 9:16, and square, by inputting text and uploading images in a Google Form. These inputs were then processed by AE templates prepared by Aanvik.

To accomplish this goal, I utilized a rendering cluster built using the nexrender application and Amazon EC2 instances, which provided the necessary computing power to handle the rendering workload. We also utilized a workstation that served as the worker, handling the final rendering of the videos.

To learn more about the process, visit my wiki page.


Creative Director, Designer, Animator​

Aanvik Singh


Alexandera Marca


Emily McDowell


Technical Direction

Desmond Du