Design & Animation & Direction: Desmond Du
Post-Cinematic Affect Theory: Steven Shaviro
Created: 14 March 2019

Cast: Desmond Du, Diana Rex, Joseph Gai, Katherine Monday, Nestor Tomaselli, Rasita Kartarahardja, Riley Williamson
Voice-over: Hunter Scully, Paola Baiz, Prakash Panchariya

Special Thanks: Nestor Tomaselli, Michael Betancourt

The genesis of this project began with my interest in the integration of historical studies, contemporary art and visual theory and practice in the study of early and current thought in media theory. While it is important to hone design and software skills, I believe there is also need to hone the mind with knowledge pertertaining to how media affect the world, capitalism, the masses, and the individual. Ultimately, it is about attaching an intellectual intentionality in my design process. With practice informed by theory, one does beyond making a “pretty” design. Instead, one thinks about how media interacts with the world and how it can change it.

The theory I decided to use is Post-Cinematic Affect by Steven Shaviro.


The theory is about what it feels like to live in affluent west in the 21st century. It talks about an emergence of a different media regime where media reflects reality, and that it addresses the audience differently than in 20th century; shaping new ways of response. The world that we live is a world of hypermediacy, and ubiquitous digital technologies. It is abstraction of social processes but they do not represent them entirely

This project will involve live-action footage to create a nightmarish montage about the modulation of pixels and the underlying flexibility of the digital screen. At the same, the goal is to decorrelate the time-space of the digital space with ours.


— Corruption & Distorted reality


— Distorting time and space


There you have it, I hope you enjoyed reading the process of making this title sequence. It was alot of fun and a lot of hair-pulling as I have to design the unimaginable. In all, I am very proud of what I have achieved with glitches, physical processes and typography to create a professional title sequence for Donnie Darko.