Road to Rocket League 2019

Project Overview

Shortly after joining Turner Studios, Sarah Boussy and I won our first design pitch and were tasked with developing the main stylization for the documentary series covering the Rocket League Championship Finals. Our goal was to create a broadcast package that would immerse viewers in a futuristic, technology-driven space, showcasing both the players and the docuseries itself. We used motifs such as hexagons, glitches, and data packets to generate an atmosphere of intensity and seriousness, highlighting the players’ determination to reign supreme at the E-League Championship.

Creative Direction: Desmond Du
Design & Animation: Desmond Du, Sarah Boussy, Andrew Molan, Ryan Hopkinson

Created: Oct 2019
Appearance TBS


It might be surprising to learn that the majority of the animation utilized alpha mattes. Although there are various methods to achieve the same outcome, I experimented with displacement and alpha matte sketches using tools such as Fractal Noise, Shape Layers & Expressions, Trapcode Particular, and Pixel Polly in After Effects. Ultimately, I opted to use Cinema 4D to create my hexagonal reveal due to the greater control offered by its Fields functionality.