Star of the month

Client: Turner Classic Movies
Agency: WarnerMedia Studios
Created: Sep 2020

EditorMike Voulgaris
Art Director: Jin Lim
Motion Design: Desmond Du

Singer and legend Janet Jackson spoke with TCM about one of her personal heroes, and our September 2020 Star of the Month, Dorothy Dandridge. I was responsible for the graphical, type, and photo treatment. This also include lower-thirds, transitions, and backgrounds.


The funny thing about broadcast is that it is so fast that you do not what the project you are working on is going to. My art director would always email me a new assignment with minimal context but I slowly got used to it. Working with TCM, I had to deal with lots of photo files and I often spent the early phase of the project just masking these historical photos. For those who want to get into broadcast, keep that mind because that will be something you will be doing a lot! This was one of my last project before I left WarnerMedia Studios for Graduate Studies at SCAD. I had a lot of fun working with TCM because my Art Director always give me full creative freedom on what to do and he would guide me to take my concepts to a higher level. It was highly uncomfortable in the beginning because I wanted clarity and direction but I progressively learned that he was, whether intentionally or unintentionally, training me to become an indepedent designer who can think for himself and believe in his concept instead of leaving it to a higher power. Overall, I loved working at WarnerMedia Studios. The infrastructure, team, resources,  and projects are just so amazing. I had more of a college experience at WM Studios rather than in school haha. For students who are graduating, I highly recommend people to start out at this company before finding your true calling because this is is a place where you will grow exponentially.