The Matrix Title Sequence

Project Overview

This project is a title sequence for the film “The Matrix” (1999), which is one of my favorite films that explores hyperreality and the concept of what is real. The project was created as part of the MOME 709 – Motion Media Cinematography and Editing course at the Atlanta campus, under the guidance of instructor Alessandro Imperato.


Responsible for all aspects

Creative treatment

The Matrix title sequence serves as an entry into the movie’s surreal reality. Using a mix of live-action footage and computer-generated elements, the sequence highlights the idea that our perception of reality can be distorted. Noir cinematography, contrasts and aesthetics build tension, emphasizing the central theme of “choice”. After glimpsing the truth of the world, the sequence prompts viewers to consider their own choices.


Art Direction

Style frames


Atlanta Skyline Drone Videography

Smith Army

Type animation


Design and animation: Desmond Du

Drone videography: Zeno Padinjattekara