The Wayfinders Title

Camera 40 Productions
Creative Director

3D Designer
3D Animator

In “The Wayfinders,” three modern high school students find themselves whisked away to a medieval world of swords and sorcery. As they strive to understand their situation and find a way home, their friends and siblings in a small American town work to unravel the mystery behind their disappearance.

I led the team in the design process, collaborating with Erica Kim to create the logo and animation assets. My primary focus was on designing and animating the dynamic 3D, 5-second title opening for the TV pilot. Palm Piraban complemented our work with his expertise as the 3D lighting and texturing artist, adding depth and realism to our visuals.



Creative Director

Desmond Du


Desmond Du

2D Design

Erica Kim

Desmond Du

3D Design & Animation

Desmond Du

Palm Piraban