UX Study: Airchef

Executive Summary

AirChef is a meal preparation service expedited by drone delivery to help busy people plan for weekly meals and save time with consistent and convenient food delivery. 

Problem Statement

With the ubiquity of on-demand food delivery apps and platforms such as UberEats and Doordash, online food delivery has become a norm in our society in bringing convenience to customers’ doorsteps. However, frustrations with the unreliability, inconsistency, and limitations of these services still exist. While these services do mitigate the issue of ordering food to their home, it does not fully address the issue of people with scarcity of time and are often busy with work to prepare or plan food for the week or longer term duration.


In order to help customers who desire consistency and convenience in the preparation of their meals so they can stay focused on their work or activities, AirChef helps these customers easily plan the meals for the week at an affordable pricing. These deliveries are made possible with drones, so customers have more options in specifying the location, day, and time in which they want to have their food delivered. With the efficiency of drones, customers can expect a fast and accurate delivery to their doorsteps better than traditional in-person delivery.

With AirChef, we plan to help people regain control of their life and develop a healthier lifestyle by bringing them delightful delicious meals.


Project & marketing lead, UX Designer


  • Research
  • Product design
  • User-testing
  • Project management
  • Creative direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production
  • Animation

Vision video

Password: airchef


Project & Marketing Lea:Desmond Du

Research & Visual Lead: Zoey Zhou

Product Design Lead: Yang Chen

Product designer: Zoey Zhou, Desmond Du